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Appointment Scheduler

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Salesforce Scheduler tool offers a powerful booking system that can be used for all industries. Customers and employees will be able to book a time slot for reservations of any kind, whilst giving companies an overview of all resources and locations. By assigning skills, features or characteristics for each of your resources, you can personalize customer experiences by capitalizing on all expressed interests and needs, making sure that customers are helped by the right person, at the right time and place.

Key features

Create an overview to keep track of your employees’ skills, location and availability to optimize scheduling.

Set up the context for physical, online or call appointments to be prepared for all your customers’ needs and avoid busy hours.

Match the right person within your company to appointments by assigning skills, expertises and other characteristics.

Set up workflows that make it easy for your customers and employees to schedule, edit and cancel appointments.

Synergize with other Salesforce products

Lightning Scheduler is built on the leading CRM platform Salesforce, offering the highest reliability and security. Lightning Scheduler can be used in other Salesforce workflows and processes. Deliver efficient, personalized appointments by leveraging all existing customer data within your CRM or create new records.

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In short

Due to the pandemic in 2020, Rituals' stores across the world were (partially) closed to the public, whilst pick-ups on appointments were still possible.

To minimise revenue loss, an appointment planning tool had to be implemented in a short period of time. The complexity of this challenge lies in the fact that Rituals had many factors in place to offer personalised shopping experiences, which had to be integrated in the new solution.

Fast-track to victory

Within just 3 months time, we completed the entire implementation cycle from idea to execution. An appointment tool fully integrated in Rituals' existing Salesforce ecosystem was put in place, custom designed to maintain a personalised shopping experience.

Standardised roll-out

After completing the implementation cycle, which included testing and training. The appointment Scheduler tool was put to use in all of Rituals' 700+ stores. Due to the high demand caused by the pandemic, over 500K appointments were booked within the first year of launch.
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