Social Messaging

A native application to interact with your customers and social sell directly from your customer care center.


Next-level digital messaging.

AskAmy is our self-made, highly versatile messaging platform. Enabling real-time conversations, with all conversation history at your fingertips on one screen. With AskAmy, you connect any social channel of your choice to create a consistent customer journey. It’s built natively on Salesforce, with seamless integration into your existing org.

Implemented in one day

Realtime conversations

Transactional messaging

All favorite channels

Install, manage & interact

On Salesforce platform

AskAmy is directly installed and available in your existing Salesforce org. The Messaging App is seamlessly integrated with your Service Cloud. Therefore, it is possible to have your customer care centre interact with customers via the most favourite (social) channels, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, through just one interface in Salesforce.

All data & functionalities for

360° proactive service

In AskAmy you are able to provide the best possible proactive service, as you have the 360° view available to your customers. With all purchase and interaction history available, the service agents can personalize their approach and proactively support and advise the customer in their query. For example, by providing store and stock locator information on products to the customer via chat. 

All functionalities to interact through

One interface

AskAmy offers key functionalities required for any modern high-volume interaction department, whether it’s for consumer-facing sales and service, or for communications between internal departments. Through only one interface, you are able to provide the best possible service to your customers and colleagues.

A customer service app that generates

Social Sales

AskAmy also enables your customer service in directly selling products to the customer. Through connecting with the online store, products can be selected for social sales, offered via AskAmy and the relevant channel, and ordered immediately. Payment can also be done through the app to complete the order. And best of all? All customer data is directly available and updated!


All features you need for a modern interactive department.


Can be implemented within a day




Securely stored in your own Salesforce platform

Rich media

Supports images, videos & files


Messaging supported

Language recognition

Enabling routing based on source language

Interact through all of your favorite

Available channels

As a complete platform, AskAmy integrates with the most important (social) communication channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, and SMS. Select the channel that is most relevant for your customers and start interacting as a social company. Make your customers’ life easier and interact more fun with the extensive application of AskAmy.

Frequently asked questions

Find some of your possible questions below in this FAQ. Have more questions? Reach out to us and we're happy to provide you with all information.

The price for AskAmy is 37,50 EUR per user per month. This includes unlimited messages per user, up to 50 users. Additional fees can be charged for a one-time setup per channel. Contact us for more questions about the pricing of AskAmy.

The difference can mainly be found in the matureness and completeness of the AskAmy platform (more default integrations) and pricing (approx. 50% price difference). For a clear vision on the differences, we are more than happy to tell you more.

With AskAmy you are momentarily able to communicate though WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram,, WeChat, and Apple Business Chat. Is your favourite channel not part of the list? Contact us, and we are happy to make it happen for you!

As AskAmy is seamlessly integrated in your console in Salesforce, all the integrated sales and service channels and tools are directly linked. Therefore, your agents can connected customer interaction automatically to accounts and cases, to keep a 360° customer view.

Yes, you can. AskAmy enables you to send rich media to the customer, for example pictures of certain products, user documentation or inspirational videos.

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