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About Omoda:
Omoda is a real family business with its roots going all the way back to the 19th century. Service has always been a very important aspect of Omoda. They always try to go the extra mile for the ultimate customer experience. That extra step should be the reason why the customer buys at Omoda and not elsewhere.

Working with a solid solution such as Salesforce ServiceCloud was an obvious and logical next step for Omoda which they took a few years ago. VANEIGENS helped with the re-implementation of the ServiceCloud.


The question:
Help us to implement Salesforce in a good manner so we can optimally utilise all its possibilities.

Annemiek: ‘’A few years ago we already purchased Service Cloud. The problem is that it was not used correctly”. Within customer services, Omoda operates in many different channels, which also differs between the Benelux and Germany. The challenge lies in a good organisation of the application. A correct implementation of the ServiceCloud can greatly contribute to the efficiency. Before the re-implementation, agents had to execute a lot of procedures, they for example still needed fifteen tabs to make a good customer profile. Annemiek: ‘’Ideally you have one program with one screen that shows a complete customer profile. We used the ServiceCloud but not in the way as it was meant to be used.’’

Annemiek: ‘’You can buy shoes everywhere, but we obviously want you to buy ours. In our eyes service is an important aspect.‘’


As previously mentioned, Omoda has been working with ServiceCloud for a longer period of time, but not in the correct way.  Annemiek: ‘’We used it more as an outdated e-mailing system.‘’ E-mails were read and directed, thereafter the agents had to switch to the order management system to find all the corresponding information. The goal was clear: use ServiceCloud as it is supposed to and become much more efficient. Annemiek: ‘’A more practical system for agents to work with and a faster service for customers, that is what we want to accomplish’’


From the start, there was a good connection between the teams of Omoda and VANEIGENS. Annemiek: ‘’The connection arose mostly from the shared no-nonsense attitude, just a clear and honest story.‘’ After a successful implementation of New Voice Media, it was a logical next step for Omoda to let VANEIGENS look at their current ServiceCloud situation. Annemiek: ‘’VANEIGENS does not sugarcoat it.’’ Omoda is a real family business, you notice it when you are there. An advantage is that they easily switch and that there is a lot of flexibility. Annemiek: ‘’VANEIGENS has the same values so there was an immediate match.’’


The solution
The Customer Service department needed a practical system that was futureproof. The goal is to show the entire customer profile through only one system. No longer needing to use a vast array of different applications. Omoda desires to work at optimal efficiency but also wants to be ready for the future. Annemiek: ‘’That’s what I mean with being futureproof, if there is a new upcoming channel where customers would like to communicate through, we want to be able to seamlessly implement it without any problems.’’


The collaboration
Both Annemiek and her colleagues of the ICT and Customer Service department did not have any experience with these kinds of projects. Annemiek: ‘’They really had to step up their game. Believing we delivered something of good quality and thereafter realising that it was not the case.’’ It was a collaboration in which Omoda and VANEIGENS really had to work as one team. Therefore, we often worked on location at Omoda.


The result
The first deliverable is done. The number of tabs that an agent needs for a customer profile has already been drastically reduced. Every two weeks, they keep improving and further building the system. Annemiek: ‘’We couldn’t have dreamt of this, all agents are extremely enthusiastic and they were like that from the start.’’ There is now a more workable system ready for the agents to use in a comfortable environment.


The future
At the moment, there is a good system but there are also definitely future aspirations. Not everything is converted into the system yet, wherein we are also dependent on external parties. Where there was a dependency with third parties, we cut it off from the first delivery milestone. In this way we had no dependency on the first deliverable We have now taken a major step forward. Next step is to implement all other channels, also with dependency.
Annemiek: ‘’I don’t think we will ever be completely ready, but when all channels are imported into the system, we have achieved an important milestone”.


‘’I don’t give a 10, because that would mean there is no room for improvement, but I certainly give them a big fat 9, because that is what they deserve.’’


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