Picnic & VANEIGENS: A Service Case

When customer service is most important in your business approach and your growth factor is 100% on a yearly base, scalability of your service can be a big challenge. It happened to Picnic, who was facing difficulties in keeping the service up to the highest levels as their channels couldn’t keep up with the pace and traffic, while they kept growing. Due to the usage of different sort of platforms and systems, long training processes for service agents and complex processes, the average handling time per case and the customer satisfaction scores were not good enough to be the best in customer care.

As the challenge to maintain the service up to the highest level and also to be able to grow more and to new markets, Picnic decided to select Salesforce Service Cloud as their main platform and they chose us, VANEIGENS, to guide them with the development, configuration, implementation and training. Within this challenging, but very successful project, we delivered the following:

  • Configuration and implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Integration of communication channels, of which the VANEIGENS AskAmy Messaging App
  • Introduction of a Knowledge Base
  • Backend integration of ERP and PIM systems

Although the launch was planned right at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, it was smooth and very successful from the start. According to Steven van de Ridder, Director of Advanced Analytics at Picnic: “We are very happy with the solution in place and couldn’t imagine a better implementation partner for this transformation than VANEIGENS.”

The project has resulted in some great results, among others:

  • Scalable platform for customer care
  • Digitalization of care – 90% digital
  • Reduction of in average clicks per case from 24 to 7 thanks to AskAmy Messaging

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