Testimonial Mitsubishi

“Vaneigens is a no-nonsense agency which does what it says.”

“The clear approach and communication work very well for us.”


About Mitsubishi

Drive your ambition. That is the slogan which Mitsubishi uses worldwide. The slogan perfectly explains what the car brand stands for: continuous involvement with the wishes of Mitsubishi drivers.

Innovation is an important pillar of Mitsubishi. In a technically advanced industry such as automotive, it is important to continuously develop. That is why Mitsubishi Motors Sales Nederland (MMSN) uses Salesforce to offer its customers and dealers the best possible service. VANEIGENS supports this.

The question

How can MSSN make better and more use of Salesforce – itself and with the help of VANEIGENS?

Salesforce brought MMSN into contact with VANEIGENS for a renewed implementation of the software. Thomas Klein, Manager Business & Product Management at MMSN: “The first conversation with VANEIGENS was very pleasant right away. VANEIGENS did not opt for a grand presentation with accompanying quotation, but created confidence by thinking along with us. They chopped the total job into manageable chunks. That provided a lot of clarity and simply works very well. This way of working appealed to us, so we decided to call in the agency for the renewed implementation of Salesforce.

The solution

“Together, we chose to split the project into three parts and execute it step by step. First of all, VANEIGENS helped us make the transition from the classic to the much more user-friendly lightning environment. Our forms have been adjusted to make them easier and more attractive to work with. Data from Excel files were transferred and visually displayed in useful dashboards within Salesforce. Furthermore, we improved the processing of leads via the website through Salesforce: this is now much more streamlined. ”

The collaboration

“I am very satisfied with the collaboration with VANEIGENS,” says Thomas. “They do not sugarcoat or exaggerate any of it. They simply do what is asked. What you see is what you get, we are very happy with this way of working. They have the right knowledge and know what needs to be done. ”


Thomas: “The first two phases have now been completed. With a great result! We now work more and much more comfortable with Salesforce. This is what we had in mind when we started working with the software. ”

MMSN and VANEIGENS are in the process of setting up SalesCloud. “This improves among other things the communication concerning agreements with customers and enables us to make better forecasts.” In the meantime, a lot of attention has been paid to the education of the MMSN team members by VANEIGENS. The team believes it is important to be able to work well with Salesforce. Besides, MMSN and VANEIGENS are expected to continue to work together. “Pick up the basics yourself and ask VANEIGENS for complex matters. That is our goal! ”


“An 8.5. VANEIGENS is a no-nonsense agency that does what it says and thinks along. I experience the clear approach and communication as very pleasant. “


Testimonial Omoda

‘’I don’t give a 10, because that would mean there is no room for improvement, but I certainly give them a big fat 9, because that is what they deserve.’’

Annemiek Janse
Manager Customer Service Omoda

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