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A recurring challenge for Marketing in Retail

Insufficient staffing and knowlegde decreases output

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High time pressure

There is often pressure on daily campaign operations due to understaffing caused by open vacancies or a lack of knowledge to develop (omnichannel) campaigns efficiently and effectively via Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Reduced quality

This leads to a shortage of executed campaigns, and those that are executed are often unsatisfactory because they are insufficiently personalized, inconsistent with the brand, and/or not optimized.

Negative impact on goals

As a result, achieving objectives may be compromised, ultimately affecting ROI due to high investments in Martech.

Our solution
At VANEIGENS, we have succesfully tackled this challenge multiple times working with brands like Rituals and Omoda. That's why we have developed our Campaign as a Service (CAAS) service, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaign service that takes us from briefing to delivered campaign within a matter of weeks. VANEIGENS fully supervises this process and ensures that the quality meets our high standards.
Our three types of campaigns

Caas applies to hero, hub & hygiene campaigns


Big omni-channel campaigns for awareness brand & product (eg: product introduction campaign)


Recurring campaigns for sustained audience engagement (e.g., monthly newsletters).


Routine upkeep campaigns to sustain customer engagement and reinforce brand presence (e.g., blog posts, customer service communications).
How do we start?
If a new Caas project is started, we provide our clients with our standardized briefing template to efficiently gather input for the five steps for go-live. All steps are approved by our clients along the way.
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Our proof

Some of our retail customers


The fashion store that loves you back
Omoda was one of the early adopters of Salesforce Service Cloud in their industry. Since the company has a very high focus on customer satisfaction, it was using many different channels to communicate with their clients. Unfortunately, their inital set-up of Service Cloud was not working as intended, forcing agents with high frequencies of manual tasks.

Passend Lezen

Connecting service and marketing

Passend Lezen makes readuing accessible so that those who suffer from reading difficulties can experience the world of knowlegde, culture and personal development. By offering various solutions to all possible reading disabilities and and extensive collection of books, everyone can experience the joy that comes with reading. 

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