For years VANEIGENS has been a strategic partner for ambitious, fast-paced and growing companies that cherish digital innovation. Where our clients in Retail traditionally excel in Customer Service, we have noticed a trend in the Manufacturing industry, where leading companies are taking their first steps in digitizing their sales processes & technology. Based on our experience, we have tailored a whitepaper covering 4 opportunities for Manufacturing firms that want to stay ahead of the game.
The existence of a solid and reliable structure of sales management and the involved processes and technology is key for every commercial organization. The effort required for setting up a scalable acquisition strategy is often overlooked, without even mentioning the need for a strong customer retention plan. By efficiently structuring the essential sales processes and implementation of the right technology, manufacturing firms can expect up to 44% of increased sales productivity and 38% faster deal closure. This free whitepaper serves as a deepdive into the processes and technology required for a scalable and future proof sales framework:

  • Designing the optimal sales processes
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud & cross functional tools
  • Smart Pricing Technology
  • Sales Cloud & CPQ

Want to find out if these opportunities can benefit your organization? Download our free whitepaper!