The 7 Principles of Development in CRM Implementations

I know, it’s tempting to get lost in the details with CRM development and implementation processes. You want to do well and do your best to involve everyone in your organization. How is it possible that you still have a … Read More

The ultimate implementation battle: customization vs. configuration

Imagine, you have chosen to go for an (renewed) implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud because further want to digitalize and optimize different service processes. A matter of implementing and activating and you’re up to speed, you thought… According to your … Read More

Six reasons to optimize your Field Service Management

You are making a phone call with an important customer to get informed about whether the delivered products are operating well. Immediately, the CEO starts being angry with you. The agent that did the visit last week did not bring … Read More

Data synergy in Retail

Customer Engagement: 4 kansen voor meer samenwerking tussen service, sales en marketing in retail A while ago a friend told me an interesting story. He had bought a new laptop online. A very good deal, he thought. Until he received … Read More

Next level customer engagement with proactive customer service

“Hi Boudewijn! Unfortunately, the courier has been delayed, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. You’ll automatically receive a 5 Euro discount on your next purchase.” This is a message that I recently received about an online purchase that I made. … Read More

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