Next Level Customer Service: Photo & Video Gallery

With keynote speakers from Omoda & Rituals and a great selection of experts and guests we’ve enjoyed an inpiring afternoon at the House of Rituals on May 31, 2022. To get an idea of the setting and atmosphere, we’ve put … Read More

VANEIGENS announces People & Operations Director Niels Rekers

Per 2nd of May 2022, Niels Rekers has completed the management team of VANEIGENS as People & Operations Director. Niels will be responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as the well-being of all employees. Niels will also take the lead … Read More

SAVE THE DATE / MAY 31, 2022

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Monique Puchala new Project Management Officer at VANEIGENS

Per 1st of April 2022, Monique Puchala has joined VANEIGENS as Senior Project Management Officer. Monique will play a key role in facilitating our growth ambitions over the coming years. With 11 years of history at Accenture, she brings a … Read More

Digital Opportunities in Retail – Part 2

Merging the digital and offline world! 66% of customers expect companies to know about their unique needs and expectations. Salesforce, 2021 Creating qualitative relationships is all about empathy. A connection that ensures involvement and loyalty from the customer. For retailers, … Read More

state of customer care

Current State of Customer Care

Why conversational messaging improves your customer satisfaction 74% or retail customers prefer using the messaging channel over the voice channel when communicating on mobile phones. Salesforce, 2022 Most of us know the pictures of large rooms filled with ladies and … Read More

Download ons laatste whitepaper

Leer in 5 stappen hoe je de klantervaring en loyaliteit van je klanten optimaliseert

Whitepaper NLCE

Download ons laatste whitepaper

Leer in 5 topics hoe je de klantervaring & loyaliteit van je klanten kunt optimaliseren.

Whitepaper NLCE