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Marketing Cloud

Achieve true omnichannel marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing platform designed to automate processes across email, social media, mobile apps, websites and many more. It combines all marketing channels into one place with the ultimate goal of offering a consistent, personalized customer journey across all channels. It also offers users access to Salesforce’s powerful AI: Salesforce Einstein. This offers you predictions on the output of your campaigns, helps find new audiences and enhances your overall customer journey. Marketing Cloud consists of numerous products that cover all marketing aspects. 

Build engaging, personalized journeys.

Get the most out of Email Studio by creating responsive, custom emails in the easy-to-use interface.

Implement marketing automation triggers and use the A/B testing tool to increase conversion.

Using the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you can create full customer journeys using email, SMS and advertising.

Communicate seamlessly across email, mobile, push notifications, ads, landing pages and apps to create a consistent customer journey.

Make decisions based on data.

Find all customer data from any source in your 360-degree overview within Marketing Cloud. Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s powerful reporting tool to act on performance and changing trends. Share insights with your marketing, commerce and service departments to improve your overall business. Einstein gives you access to state-of-the-art AI to offer you recommendations on segmentation, engaging content, products and other ways to optimize your campaigns. Turn your data into visual guides to understand each insight’s meaning. 

Manage all your social channels and advertising
within one platform.

Use Social Studio to publish, analyze and schedule all your social media communication within Marketing Cloud.

Using Advertising Studio, you can integrate digital advertising into Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized ads throughout the customer journey.

Digital ads can be used for prospecting and retargeting purposes .

You can enable partners to collaborate or completely run your digital marketing campaigns.

Offer a consistent and optimized customer journey across all channels.

Make the most out of the #1 CRM platform in the world

Marketing Cloud is built on the leading CRM platform Salesforce, offering the highest reliability and security. Salesforce offers endless integrations with existing third-party software. Gain access to several updates throughout the year to further increase the platform’s value. Access to the Salesforce AppExchange where you’ll find thousands of pre-built software apps that integrate with the platform. 

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