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Marketing Cloud

Achieve true omnichannel marketing

Marketing Cloud

Building connected journeys. That’s VANEIGENS. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing platform that enables you as a marketer to extract value from your data across all relevant channels and platforms, such as email, social media, mobile apps, advertisement, websites and much more. By fully utilising the power of automation you will be able to positively impact your KPIs on all levels, from onboarding new customers and increasing the value of existing customers to delivering the perfect customer journey.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to fulfill all your marketing needs, but with endless functionalities and possibilities, it can be hard to determine your road to success. VANEIGENS supports companies in implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and any other challenge that might occur after the implementation. No matter what the challenge will be, our mission is to get you up to speed as soon as possible.

Services we offer


We define and execute personalisation strategies based on the growth driving OGSM model. 


We design and build the technical requirements that enable the customer journey’s and activities.

Touchpoint Design

We design & build customer-facing touch-points that add value to the customer journey, like e-mails, landingpages and forms.

Campaign Management

We help the marketer to develop value adding campaigns, by taking day to day work off your hands.

Training & Insourcing

We provide a step-by-step awareness process in which the organisation becomes increasingly better at utilizing the platform.

Social Studio Replacement

We help organisations replace the sunsetting Social Studio using high quality alternatives that integrate with Salesforce such as Sprout, Sprinklr and Coosto.

Marketing Cloud

Single Source of Truth

To reach the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud it is necessary to have all customer data stored in one centralised database. This will enable you to link the right data to the right customer, ensuring a seamless customer experience. VANEIGENS is able to support you with any integration, the integration possibilities are endless! For instance, 80% of our customers leverage the power of integration by combining Marketing Cloud with Service Cloud.

Manage all your channels and advertising within one platform

Email Studio

Send ad hoc or automated and personalised email marketing campaigns to your target audience.

Mobile Studio

Increase your communication channels by sending push notifications for apps or sending text messages like WhatsApp and SMS. 

Journey Builder

Reach your goals by automating customer touchpoints across all relevant and available digital channels. Automate customer contacts across all available digital channels that are relevant and contribute to your goal.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Link your advertising channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to run personalised campaigns based on actual customer data.

Mobile Cloud Personalisation

Get more value from your marketing activities across all channles by making them hyper-personalized with the help of Salesforce Einstein’s AI engine.

mkt cloud 3

Make the most out of the #1 CRM platform in the world.

If you are looking for a value-driven Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner, you came to the right place!

Get in contact with one of our representatives to discover what value we can bring and how we can support you in your journey toward marketing success!

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Passend Lezen

Accessible service through technology

Reading is possible for everyone, no matter what.
Passend Lezen makes reading accessible so that those who suffer from a reading difficulties can experience this world of knowledge, culture and personal development. By offering various solutions to all possible reading handicaps and an extensive collection of books, everyone can experience the joy that comes with reading.

In short

In 2021, Passend Lezen and VANEIGENS embarked on a collaboration to implement a Computer Technology Integration (CTI) into their Classic Salesforce ecosystem. After this successful implementation, the library services company wanted to explore new ways to leverage Salesforce to optimise their customer journey and automate processes.

In short

This challenge mainly focused on future-proofing the existing technological architecture that was in place, whilst creating interfaces that should be accessible for everyone. This meant that when creating interfaces and content that is used by both employees and end-consumers, it is crucial that it can be tailored towards the custom solutions that are used to make it accessible for reading difficulties.

Buidling an
accesssible journey

After the migration from the Salesforce Classic to Lightning instance, we brainstormed to form a roadmap for the following year. Our main focus was to continue to help Passend Lezen enhance its customer service and interaction.

Buidling an
accesssible journey

We did this creating an accessible Salesforce environment that allows customers to interact with Passend Lezen through multiple channels, such as web chat and social media. In addition, we continued to improve customer interaction through internal quality forms and reports. By collecting all this customer data into Salesforce we aim to create a golden record of customer data within Passend Lezen’s Salesforce eco system.

Buidling an
accesssible journey

Moreover, during one of our quarterly business review sessions in 2022 we also decided that Marketing Cloud could add significant value to the business, as it could be used to optimise and execute specific campaigns and provide relevant insight into the marketing performance.

A platform for everyone

We’re proud of the platform that has been built over the last 2 years where a much more modern approach to customer interaction has been integrated. All customer interaction across its channels is now stored, managed and reported on using Salesforce.

A platform for everyone

We are continuously adjusting our solutions for the different reading disabilities that exist so that employee and end consumers can access the information properly. By presenting key information in a specific format (left-to-right, stacked or zoomed in), it makes it possible for everyone to work with the Salesforce interface and the created content.

A platform for everyone

Lastly, we’ve also start working soon enhancing the presence of Marketing Cloud into the ecosystem. We’ve added multiple quality of life upgrade to make sending newsletters and other emails easier, and suggested additional reporting capabilities.
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