Per 1st of April 2022, Monique Puchala has joined VANEIGENS as Senior Project Management Officer. Monique will play a key role in facilitating our growth ambitions over the coming years. With 11 years of history at Accenture, she brings a tremendous amount of experience to our team in both Project Management as well as Corporate Recruitment. Monique has also provided us with a short Q&A to get to know her better!

What’s the main reason you have joined VANEIGENS?
“I immediately felt ‘ the click’ with VANEIGENS. During the interviews they came across like a professional organization with a personal touch. And after the first few days in my new job, I can actually say that it already feels great being part of this team. Going to a, compared to my previous employer, small company where I can add value feels like the best next step in my career!”

What do you like to do in your spare time?
“With a job, 2 kids, a husband .. do you really have spare time 😉 But if I can find some time for myself, I love to have dinner with friends, to go to a concert or a festival (yes finally we can do it again!) or try new special beers!”

What’s your favorite holiday destination?
“It should include sun and beach. It can be anywhere! In between the days at the beach, I would love to do some activities like hiking, exploring a new city, driving around or find nice restaurants. And on the wish list is definitely Canada.”

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