Omoda – Adapting to the modern day consumer

Adapting to the modern day consumer

How to make good on the promise 'the fashion store that loves you back'?

Love-infused approach towards the modern day consumer

Omoda, a distinguished retailer renowned for its boutique charm and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, has always strived to provide a personalised touch to its clients.

Balancing the finesse of a boutique with the efficiency of a large retailer, Omoda continually seeks ways to enhance its brand experience across all touchpoints.

The challenge

Despite Omoda’s reputation for stellar customer service, they encountered a hurdle in their journey to elevate customer satisfaction even further. Noticing a slower-than-desired growth in Net Promoter Score (NPS), Omoda identified somewhat extended response times as a key factor affecting customer perception. Realising the need for a solution, Omoda turned to VANEIGENS to optimise their customer service processes.

Recognizing Omoda’s unique position in the market as a personalised boutique with the strengths of a large retailer, we implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline and enhance their customer service operations. Our primary focus was to maintain the personal touch that defines Omoda while addressing the challenges that were impacting response times.

A love-infused approach

Understanding the significance of Omoda’s personal touch, we worked meticulously to ensure that every customer interaction remained tailored and individualised. Salesforce Service Cloud allowed us to integrate customer insights seamlessly, empowering Omoda to know their clients intimately and provide a truly personalized experience across all channels.

To tackle the issue of extended response times, we devised innovative ways to improve the efficiency of customer service agents. By automating routine tasks that did not compromise the personal touch, we significantly reduced handling times, allowing Omoda to address customer queries promptly without sacrificing the boutique experience.

An ongoing desire to improve

The implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud resulted in a notable improvement in Omoda’s NPS numbers. Customers experienced quicker responses without losing the cherished personal touch that defines Omoda’s brand. As a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, we continue to collaborate with Omoda, exploring new avenues to enhance customer service efficiency and elevate the brand experience.

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