Omoda Case


Happy customers as
most important KPI

Designing a platform for a company obsessed with customer satisfaction

The fashion store that loves you back

It is impossible to imagine today's online shopping experience without Omoda. With roots dating as far back as 1907, Omoda pioneered in 2007 by expanding its shoe-selling business to e-commerce. Nowadays, Omoda is widely known as the brand that goes the extra mile by offering an excellent customer experience, service, inspiration source, innovative online shop and sustainability efforts. A real family business, that is fully committed to its customers.

The situation

Omoda was one of the early adopters of Salesforce Service Cloud in their industry. Since the company has a very high focus on customer satisfaction, it was using many different channels to communicate with their clients. Unfortunately, their inital set-up of Service Cloud was not working as intended, forcing agents with high frequencies of manual tasks.

Our first challenge was to re-implement the platform in such a way that it would significantly decrease manual actions, and therefore handling times.



To overcome this challenge, our team sat down with representatives from Omoda to create an overview of the project. Together we decided to go through five phases: Assessment, Current Situation, Design, Building & Testing and, lastly, the training phase.

By carefully planning each phase, we were able to create a blueprint of where things where going wrong at the present moment, as well as an ideal outcome we would like to achieve at the end of the project. It also helped us to set priorities and make decisions so that we could provide contributing output as fast as possible.

After we build the solution, and we were both happy with the result, our own people trained staff, supervisors and a team manager at Omoda, so that they could independently operate the new solution.

One interface

Customer Service agents are now able to work from a single screen and get a complete 360 overview of the customer they are helping. This drastically decreased ticket handling times, as well as increasing the ease of work by the agents.

In addition, we’ve also included the Vonage CTI solution onto their Salesforce ecosystem to seamlessly integrate inbound calls into their customer overview.

Annemiek: “This way we can help clients more efficiently and thus faster. That is great for everyone. A lot of things were new to us, so we were really taken on a journey. With VANEIGENS we got to the best customer service solutions.”

“I think we will keep on improving Service Cloud throughout the future, as this is an excellent way to innovate our business”
Annemiek Janse
Manager klantenservice Omoda