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An enhanced customer service by connecting Service and Marketing data

How to leverage data synergy for higher customer satisfaction?

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The situation

Passend Lezen has been working with Salesforce software for some years now, and together, we have created an extensive and scalable customer service department where a lot of valuable customer information is being collected. To make full use of this data, Passend Lezen decided to add Marketing Cloud to their organisation, as the collected information already provided them with information about segments in their target audience.

During our planning phase, we acknowlegded Passend Lezen’s high concern for accessibility, which needs to be reflected in the companies’ communication towards customers. Our goal was to design a connected architecture that allows Passend Lezen to use collected data such as reading preferences to create personalised customer journeys.

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Building connected journeys​

What happened next was an extensive brainstorm session between our consultants and the Passend Lezen team. We carefully created an overview of existing marketing campaigns, as well as new opportunities that came with the introduction of Marketing Cloud. This in turn resulted in a roadmap to to make use of all the new functionalities within Marketing Cloud.

Apart from a frequently returning newsletter that could be segmented based on customer reading preferences, we were also tasked with automating as many processes as possible. This could be performed on existing processes, but was also applicable to new data streams that were unlocked by implementing Marketing Cloud.

A great example is the ‘expiring subscription’ journey that we’ve created. Now that most information that is collected about a customer is present in Salesforce, it can be used for both Marketing and Service means. When a customer’s subscription is close to expiring, customer service agents will notice this in their interface during communication. Whereas on the other hand, when there is no reach out from the customer, they will automatically receive a reminder that their subscription is expiring, with the option to prolong the service.

In addition, both departments can also learn from customer responses towards their communication efforts which positively influences customer experience and also sales.

Making the most out of data

Now that most data integrations have been completed our partnership will focus on optimisation and development of new and existing campaigns. Accessibity should be reflected in all communication, which creates a need for high levels of segmentation and personalisation of future marketing and service efforts.

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