Rituals Case


Leveraging synergiesto make customers feel good.

How to optimise the end-2-end experience of customers and employees.

Creating meaningful memories and helping people find peace in their busy lives.

That is what Rituals stand for. Whether it is about taking a long bath or creating a comfortable atmosphere with exclusive scents and perfumes at home or in the office. Nowadays, Rituals has over 900 stores in 33 countries all over the world.

The situation

Rituals’ goal is to make their customers feel good, and an excellent customer service department is a crucial tool in doing so. Although Rituals was already working with Salesforce, they did not yet have an in-house expert in 2017. Therefore, the fast-growing specialist in the home- and body cosmetics started looking for a partner who could help to optimise the use of Salesforce and all its facets. This was the time we partnered up.

Our assignment was straightforward; how can we optimise the use of the existing Salesforce products in the organisation and how can be continuously work together to create innovative solutions that contribute to Rituals’ ambitious growth plans.


At the start of our partnership, roadmapping sessions were planned to create an overview of the most important business challenges that Rituals was facing in the near future. Over time, as our two businesses grew together, two separate scrum-teams were formed with both Rituals and VANEIGENS specialists. Through this set-up in two similar sub departments focusing on Business Technology and Customer Relations, collaboration became scalable, effective and fast.

Global Impact

Over the past five years Rituals and VANEIGENS have collaborated on numerous projects to optimize both the customer experience, and the employee experience. By using Salesforce as a platform instead of separate products, we’re able to expand the ways in which we can add value. This means that apart from service, sales and marketing, other departments such as retail and supply chain also benefit from innovative ideas.

Some of our most noticeable contributions include a fast roll-out of Appointment Scheduler (700 stores), Conversational Commerce implementation to increase e-commerce revenue and a custom internal communication platform used for store support and employee engagement/

Nowadays, our colleagues visit the Rituals headquarters in Amsterdam on a weekly basis for face-to-face work sessions to fuel the engine for growth.

join the success

Don’t just take our word for it

VANEIGENS has a pleasant team to work with. The employees do not think about problems, but about solutions. In addition, VANEIGENS proposes solutions and challenges us. The collaboration is a real partnership that feels good, works well and produces fantastic results.
Margot Looman
Manager Social Commerce & PO Social Media Rituals

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