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Our team of expert consultants offer various forms of support ranging from incident tickets to ongoing innovation. In close collaboration with your people, we will constantly fuel up the engine. Let’s go!

Ongoing Innovation

Continuous improvement and development of your Salesforce org allow businesses to maximize the value of your products. Our expert consultants can help organizations adapt quickly to changing environments, optimize existing solutions and keep up too late with Salesforce’s latest developments. Our track record shows our extensive experience in identifying business opportunities and bottlenecks, which we tackle in collaborative sprints with our clients.

Campaign Management

Our campaign management services, powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, focus on revenue growth. With expertise in strategy, messaging, channel selection, and analytics, our team can create and execute successful campaigns that engage customers and drive sales. Our Marketing Cloud experts will aid you in attracting and retaining customers, promoting products or services, and optimizing existing campaigns based on your marketing maturity.

Training & Adoption

Our team of experts can provide customized training programs tailored to your business needs, ensuring that your employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to use Salesforce effectively. Our adoption services can help encourage user adoption and ensure that your employees use the platform to its full potential. With our training and adoption services, you can improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve your business objectives.

24/7 Support

For high-impact implementations, we offer 24/7 support services to guarantee operational effectiveness. This includes technical support, troubleshooting issues, and continuous guidance on optimizing your Salesforce products’ use.

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Ongoing Innovation

In short

Back in 2017, Rituals & VANEIGENS embarked on a journey to fully optimize the end-to-end experiences of both customers and employees, supported by Salesforce technology. Initially, VANEIGENS was brought in to design and implement Rituals’ customer service tool. After successfully implementing the new Salesforce solution, Rituals saw that the platform could have a high impact on realising their ambitious growth plans, and agreed to a long-term partnership. Together, we would formulate a plan how we could continuously create innovative and scalable solutions to Ritual’s business challenges.

Fuelling the engine

At the start of our partnership, roadmapping sessions were planned to create an overview of the most important business challenges that Rituals was facing in the near future. Over time, as the our two businesses grew together, two separate scrum-teams were formed with both Rituals and VANEIGENS specialists. Through this set-up in two similar sub departments focusing on Business Technology and Customer Relations, collaboration became scalable, effective and fast.

Global Impact

Over the past five years Rituals and VANEIGENS have collaborated on numerous projects to optimize both the customer experience, as the employee experience. By using Salesforce at a platform instead of separate products, we’re able to expand the ways in which we can add value. This means that apart from service, sales and marketing, other departments such as retail and supply chain also benefit from innovative ideas.

Global Impact

Some of our most noticeable contributions include a fast roll-out of Appointment Scheduler (700 stores), Conversational Commerce implementation to increase e-commerce revenue and a custom internal communication platform used for store support and employee engagement
Our promise
With our Support Subscription you will have guaranteed availability and access to our expertise. We will set up a Support Desk that will support your organization and which will act as a central interface for questions, incidents, change requests, reporting requests and more. This team will be able to monitor and maintain your services. The team members coordinate or orchestrate your customer interactions, marketing and/or IT processes, depending on your needs. The performance of the service team will be monitored against an agreed service level, with different response times.

A service subscription comes with a mandatory monthly retainer (Operations & Execution budget). The budget covers the monitoring and administration of incoming requests as well as the operational support of your Salesforce application. The minimal retainer budget is dependent on the response times and the service level you are looking for.
Support activities
These are the key activities that you can request as ongoing support:

  • Create and manage Changes to the System
  • Maintain System, Security and Integrity of the platform
  • User Assistance, Adoption and Satisfaction
  • Process Creation, Documentation and Maintenance
  • Data Quality, Migration and Maintenance Reports and Dashboards creation & Maintenance
  • Campaign Management
  • Our Partnership Tiers
    Service FLEX (Silver) ADMIN (Gold) PARTNER (Platinum)
    Service Support Proactive Support Dedicated Support
    Portal/online knowlegde management system
    Dedicated email adress
    Live Chat/Slack
    Dedicated consultant/team
    Cloud Scope Single Cloud Multi Cloud Multi Cloud
    Out of business hours support Not available Optional Optional