Retailer Morgana versnelt met VANEIGENS en Salesforce

Morgana staat al 30 jaar bekend als een kwalitatieve aanbieder van persoonlijk aangemeten bedbodems en matrassen. Zo kunnen klanten door heel Nederland de unieke SLAAP-DNA® meting van Ergosleep ervaren in één van Morgana’s achttien winkels. Tijdens deze meting kun je … Read More

Collaborative marketing: the power of partnerships

Even before Covid-19, small groups of young people were sometimes strolling around at the checkouts at the supermarket. As a regular supermarket visitor, you immediately knew: it’s time for collectable football cards again. Despite the begging, it is of course … Read More

Loyalty: a multi-department approach

During economic recessions or a pandemic crisis like COVID-19, it is obvious that many companies are struggling with their financial results and that they need to take action to prevent bankruptcy. In those cases, it is often seen that the … Read More