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Our team has extensive experience in the Salesforce domain and has worked at larger consultancy firms in the past. We combine in-depth Salesforce knowledge and skills, substantial consultancy experience for the biggest international companies, a drive to move borders and (if required) to adopt the Salesforce platform to serve the customers’ needs. This has enabled us to serve beautiful brands like Rituals, Omoda, Mitsubishi, Passend Lezen, KPN, Primera and more over the last years.

CRM Strategy

We start projects by creating a blueprint for the most suitable CRM strategy for your organization. First, we’ll align on the specific aspects of your business that give you a competitive edge. From there, a company-wide as-is analysis is constructed to break down the current technical architecture that is in place. VANEIGENS will then provide an overview of the available Mar Tech capabilities to best tackle the set business goals.

Data & Tech assessment

At Vaneigens we begin by assessing your organization’s current state, examining processes, data, and architecture. Drawing on industry best practices, we develop a tailor-made future state strategy to address your specific needs. By comparing the current and future states, we identify gaps to focus on during the High-Level Solution Design phase, ensuring our proposed solutions are informed by best practices and customized to your unique requirements for sustainable growth and success.

Blueprint & Solution Design

We closely collaborate with our clients to develop a shared understanding of how to implement Salesforce components within their unique organisational context, resulting in a blueprint of the desired future state. 

While this future state CRM strategy outlines the objectives, our Solution Design and Architecture focus on the execution. We identify the necessary Salesforce products, features, and architecture and outline the high over implementation process based on the input from the assessment.



Once it’s clear what our scope is and how we plan to tackle the challenge, we’re capable of creating a well-balanced and logically ordered roadmap.

A great roadmap offers reliable predictability. By defining deadlines and delivery dates you enable other departments, colleagues or third parties to anticipate the things that are happening throughout the year. It also facilitates our clients to create a legitimate business case as the impact becomes more visible. 

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