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Our work is our passion. Like athletes, we put a lot of time and energy in it, to get that thrill and rush out of it. Our ambition is to be the best, and every time just giving it that little bit extra. Thanks to our personal approach, we can plan the best tactics with and for our clients.

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KPN Wholesale

Optimising business at scale
As a network owner in a competitive market, performance issues and malfunctions of the system have to be dealt with quickly to be successful. KPN Wholesale works on national scale, and needs to be able to solve problems locally when they occur. Together we took on the challenge of designing a technological infrastructure to optimise communication and operational processes across the entire chain.


The fashion store that loves you back
Omoda was one of the early adopters of Salesforce Service Cloud in their industry. Since the company has a very high focus on customer satisfaction, it was using many different channels to communicate with their clients. Unfortunately, their inital set-up of Service Cloud was not working as intended, forcing agents with high frequencies of manual tasks.

Passend Lezen

Accessible service through technology
 Passend Lezen was looking for new ways to leverage Salesforce to optimise their customer journey and automate processes.

This challenge mainly focused on future-proofing the existing technological architecture that was in place, whilst creating interfaces that should be accessible for everyone. .  


Service at scale
Founded in 2015, Picnic was The Netherlands’ first supermarket offering free delivery of groceries. Fast forward to 2023 and you’ll see that the company has grown to 1000 vehicles delivering in 120 cities across the country. Picnic offers competitive pricing by an optimised supply chain to the end consumer and negating food waste. The company uses Salesforce to help them realise this impressive growth and offer personalised customer service on a large scale.


Leveraging synergies to make customers feel good
Rituals’ goal is to make their customers feel good, and an excellent customer service department is a crucial tool in doing so. We partnered up to see how we can be continuously work together to create innovative solutions that contribute to Rituals’ ambitious growth plans.