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Telecommunications is all about enabling seamless connections. Customers constantly seek exceptional service and experiences, while technology becomes increasingly integrated. We assist organizations in optimizing their customer engagement by integrating and connecting the on- and offline world

Even though technology is becoming more and more intelligent we still believe in the human touch.  Our power lies in combining both worlds! Our pragmatic and engaging consultants will strive to help our clients reach their full potential by offering intuitive and user-friendly solutions.

Key Industry Challenges

The Telecommunications market, similar to other industries today, faces intense competition. As the market approaches saturation, there is an increased emphasis on customer experience and satisfaction to retain customers. The growing customer demand for online services reveals the importance of improved data management, enhanced cybersecurity, and the adoption of new technologies. Companies must establish connections and maintain control across all departments while remaining agile and responsive to change.

Rapid technological advancements
Keeping up with the latest technological innovations and integrating them into operations can be a significant challenge, as the pace of change is constantly accelerating. Having an integrated platform across all departments could help organizations stay agile and responsive
Experience and satisfaction
Meeting the evolving expectations of customers and providing a high-quality, personalized experience across all touchpoints is essential for customer retention and loyalty. With the right use of data across all channels companies could improve their customer insights.
Human resources
Competition does not only influence the customers but also employees. Attracting and retaining skilled talent, managing labor costs, and maintaining high levels of employee engagement are ongoing challenges for the industry. Employee engagement is increasingly important in a highly competitive landscape
Competitive service
In the face of intense competition, companies must explore innovative ways to gain a competitive edge. Customers expect round-the-clock availability and personalized customer service for their connectivity needs. To consistently be there for your customers, it is essential to leverage state-of-the-art technology and make effective use of data.

We help telecom firms to

Get the most out of their data

Deliver data-driven personalisation

Telecom providers can elevate customer experiences by offering personalized services tailored to previous interactions. Insights about past usage patterns and customer preferences can be linked to new or existing data within your CRM platform. By integrating this information with technologies such as clienteling, providers can deliver exceptional personalised experiences for customers during their ongoing interactions.

Deliver personalised journeys

Implement hyper-personalised journeys

By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we help telecom providers create personalised customer experiences based on data, across all important channels. Our consultants work with you to build a lasting setup that strengthens the connection between your organization and your customers. Also, using one platform makes it easy for you to adjust to the ever-changing needs of your customers. Making you agile and future-proof!

Engage the workforce

Boost engagement and productivity among employees

Efficient internal communication is crucial within the telecommunications industry. By establishing an internal employee support system at your organization, you can simplify employee aid through the consolidation of operational and HR expertise. Thoughtful distribution of relevant information to different departments helps avert isolated operations, consequently improving efficiency and boosting employee morale which helps customer retention as well as employee retention.

Keep customers happy

Increase and transform customer care

Salesforce Service Cloud is the go-to solution for gaining a competitive advantage. It enables your customers to reach you through any preferred (social) channel while providing service agents with the latest and greatest technology to enhance customer satisfaction. By integrating Social Commerce, you can take it a step further, transforming your service centre into a revenue-generating hub where you can sell, upsell and close and extend subscriptions.

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In short

KPN Wholesale, the branch which offers it’s network to competitor service provider and operators, uses Salesforce to service its large network of customers and support services.

As a network owner in a competitive market, performance issues and malfunctions of the system have to be dealt with quickly to be successful. KPN Wholesale works on national scale, and needs to be able to solve problems locally when they occur. Together we took on the challenge of designing a technological infrastructure to optimise communication and operational processes across the entire chain.

Designing the platform

KPN Wholesale decided to implement both Service Cloud and Sales Cloud simultaneously in an effort to reach the highest potential of synergistic effects within the Salesforce platform.

After an initial cleaning of existing customer data, we designed an integrated platform where all customer interaction is stored and accessible to the relevant users.
In addition, changes and updates that happen on local incidents are also updated to the relevant accounts, so that unique and creative solutions are easily accessible for future problems.

Optimising business at scale
KPN Wholesale now uses Salesforce as the main communication tool for both its Sales and Service departments. All interaction through e-mail, phone, website, customer portal and phone is organised and accessible within the Salesforce platform. VANEIGENS and KPN now work on a sprint based schedule to further professionalise case management and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Pardot is used as a marketing tool by the Sales representatives of KPN to generate, qualify and nurture leads coming from different campaigns.