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The world of retail is always changing. Customer expectations evolve just as quickly as technology does.  Adapting to these changing consumer demands is crucial for successful retailers.

We help organisations optimize their customer engagement by leveraging all available data output of their channels. Our secret?  We know the best results require more than just technology. Engaging agents will bring our clients to the next level by providing user-friendly and interactive solutions.​

Key Industry Challenges

The retail market is highly competitive, and industry leaders are always searching for new ways to get one step ahead. The retail sector is, and has been, challenged by different factors over the past few years. This includes economic headwinds such as the pandemic and rising inflation, but also increased online competition and the introduction of new business models. We believe that these disruptions have caused gaps between departments.

Digital Disruption
Due to the explosive growth of e-commerce during the pandemic, both supply and demand are digitizing rapidly. And although retail consumers prefer offline purchase experiences, online services have a significant role in the purchase decision.
In order to maintain the current customer base, retails should try and meet the new standards of personalisation expectations set by their own customers by making full use of available customer data. We see that especially in-store experiences are falling behind due to the lack of knowledge employees have about the customer in front of them.
Internal Communications
As companies grow in size and become more complex, the risk of departments operating in silos increases. Working in silo’s is a serious retarding factor for business growth, and results in cost inefficiencies, productivity loss and a decrease of employee engagement.
Ineffective Customer Service
Due to the high competitive nature of the retail market, it is hard to find loyal customers. Companies focusing on excellent customer service gain a significant competitive edge by increasing their retention numbers. This way, a lot of money can be saved on acquiring new customers, since it is cheaper to keep a good customer opposed to finding a new one!

We help retailers to

Make in-store shopping more personal with data

Retailers can improve offline shopping experiences by offering customers the opportunity to schedule store visits on their website. This way, you can link appointments to new or existing customer data in your CRM platform. Combining this with technology such as clienteling will then allow your store agents to give an unmatched personal experience during a customer visit.

Personalise customer journeys across channels

By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we enable retailers to create data driven, personalized customer journeys across all relevant channels. Our consultants will challenge you to shape a future proof architecture that helps you strengthen the relationship with your customers. In addition, by working from a single platform, you can easily adapt to the ever-changing customer demands.

Boost engagement and productivity among employees

Internal communication is key for retailers that grow in size. By implementing Employee Experience into your organization, retailers can simplify employee service by centralizing operational and HR knowledge. By carefully distributing the right information to different departments, retailers avoid working in silos, increasing efficiency as well as morale among employees.

Maximise customer satisfaction

Salesforce Service Cloud is an excellent tool to gain an advantage over your competitors. It allows your customers to contact you through their favourite (social) channel, and gives service agents access to the best-in-class technology to increase customer satisfaction. Combine this with Social Commerce to take it a step further and convert your service center into a revenue center.

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Creating meaningful memories and helping people find a moment of peace in their busy lives. That is what Rituals stands for. Whether it is about taking a long bath or creating a comfortable atmosphere with exclusive scents and perfumes from Asia at home or in the office. Rituals has over 800 stores, more than 2700 shop-in-shops and four urban spas in 33 countries all over the world. It uses Salesforce to optimally serve its customers with home and body cosmetics.

Omoda was one of the early adopters of Salesforce Service Cloud in their industry. Since the company has a very high focus on customer satisfaction, it was using many different channels to communicate with their clients. Our first challenge was to re-implement the platform in such a way that it would significanly decrease manual actions, and therefore handling times. 

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