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Travel & Hospitality is all about creating unforgettable memories. Customers constantly seek exceptional service and experiences, while technology becomes increasingly integrated.

We assist organizations in optimizing their customer engagement by harnessing all available data and channels. Our secret? We understand that achieving the best results involves more than just technology. Our engaging agents elevate our clients to new heights by offering user-friendly and interactive solutions.

Key Industry Challenges

The Travel and Hospitality market is an ever-expanding market causing high levels of competition. Every organization is looking for new innovative ways to retain customers and create the next status quo in customer experience. Economic recession, the pandemic and rising inflation have caused many organizations to speed up their digitalization, which uncovered many disconnections between departments like Sales, Marketing and Service.

Rapidly evolving technology
Keeping up with the latest technological advancements and integrating them into operations can be a significant challenge, especially for smaller businesses with limited human and financial resources.
Changing consumer preferences
The industry must adapt to shifting customer expectations and demands, such as the growing importance of personalized experiences, sustainability, and health-conscious travel options. To deliver on these topics, companies must use their collected customer data in the right way.
Workforce Management
As companies expand and become more intricate, the risk of departments operating in silos intensifies. Functioning in silos significantly hinders business growth, leading to cost inefficiencies, reduced productivity, diminishing employee engagement, and above all: dissatisfaction among customers.
Disconnected Customer Service
As competition continually intensifies in the travel and hospitality sector, retaining customers becomes a formidable challenge. Companies that prioritize exceptional customer service can gain a substantial competitive advantage if they start connecting customers service to actual customer data.

We help travel & hospitality firms to

Get the most out of their data

Create a personalised experience baed on actual data

Hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and all other sub-sectors within the travel and hospitality industry can enhance guest experiences by providing personalised offerings based on previous visits. Information about previously booked rooms or ordered menus can be connected to new or existing data in your CRM platform. Integrating this data with technology like clienteling enables an unparalleled personalised experience for guests during their subsequent visits.

Deliver personalised journeys

Personalise customer journeys from online to offline

By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we empower the travel and hospitality industry to design data-driven, personalized customer journeys across all pertinent channels. Our consultants will collaborate with you to establish a future-proof architecture that bolsters the relationship between your organization and your customers. Furthermore, utilizing a single platform allows you to effortlessly adapt to the constantly evolving customer demands.

Engage the workforce

Improve workforce management and employee satisfaction

Effective internal communication is essential in the travel and hospitality sector. By implementing an internal employee support system at your organization, you can streamline employee assistance by centralizing operational and HR knowledge. Carefully disseminating the appropriate information to various departments helps prevent siloed operations, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances employee morale.


Make customers happy

Increase overall guest satisfaction

Salesforce Service Cloud is an outstanding tool for gaining a competitive edge. It enables your guests to reach you through their preferred (social) channels while providing service agents with top-notch technology to enhance guest satisfaction. By integrating Social Commerce, you can take it a step further, transforming your service center into a revenue-generating hub.


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