Conversational Commerce


Integrate and optimize your social channels and turn your service center into a revenue center.

Digital transformation

Building connected journeys. That’s VANEIGENS. 

VANEIGENS guides you in transforming your existing customer service support into revenue-generating social customer service. With the right integrations, data optimizations and setup of optimal customer journeys, we enable you to move away from the service centre to a profit centre providing the best possible customer care, of course with a complete 360-degree customer view.

Proactive service

Always up-to-date

Mobile & social sales

Social interactions

Digital channel & Service Cloud

Upgrade your service center

Serve your customers wherever and whenever they prefer, by integrating social digital channels into your Service Cloud. Integrating a digital engagement tool (e.g. AskAmy) allows you to interact through your customers’ preferred channels, like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook.

Social Sales

Integrate digital ordering

Extend the interaction into a proactive service, by offering digital ordering through integrated digital channels. By implementing the online store or distinct digital ordering process into your Service Cloud, your agents can offer products and services through conversation via the service centre.

Social Studio Integration

Extend the data optimization and enrichment

Develop an even smarter social service with the integration of your social media channels, for monitoring and interacting through your engaged channels. By routing the cases from your social channels to the right agents and accounts, you are able to solve issues directly from your service centre, and even use the opportunity to create new sales.

360º Proactive Service​

Enrich and optimize your data with social media channels

The integration of your digital ordering and social media channels into your service centre not only offers you new opportunities to interact, but also enriches your existing data to complete and optimize the 360-degree customer view. It enables you to make even more comprehensible decisions on a wider business level and serve your loyal customers in the most personal way possible.


All features you need for a modern interactive department.

Service always & anywhere

Direct routing of cases

Social Channels

Dashboards & Analytics

One-to-one communication

Digital ordering

Rich media supported

Transactional messaging

Platform can be fully utilized

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In short

KPN Wholesale, the branch which offers it’s network to competitor service provider and operators, uses Salesforce to service its large network of customers and support services.

As a network owner in a competitive market, performance issues and malfunctions of the system have to be dealt with quickly to be successful. KPN Wholesale works on national scale, and needs to be able to solve problems locally when they occur. Together we took on the challenge of designing a technological infrastructure to optimise communication and operational processes across the entire chain.

Designing the platform

KPN Wholesale decided to implement both Service Cloud and Sales Cloud simultaneously in an effort to reach the highest potential of synergistic effects within the Salesforce platform.

After an initial cleaning of existing customer data, we designed an integrated platform where all customer interaction is stored and accessible to the relevant users.
In addition, changes and updates that happen on local incidents are also updated to the relevant accounts, so that unique and creative solutions are easily accessible for future problems.

Optimising business at scale
KPN Wholesale now uses Salesforce as the main communication tool for both its Sales and Service departments. All interaction through e-mail, phone, website, customer portal and phone is organised and accessible within the Salesforce platform. VANEIGENS and KPN now work on a sprint based schedule to further professionalise case management and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Pardot is used as a marketing tool by the Sales representatives of KPN to generate, qualify and nurture leads coming from different campaigns.
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In short

How do you maximise the potential of your incoming messages at your customer service department?

Rituals' customer service team handles thousands of incoming interactions from its customers on a daily basis. Questions that come up vary from delivery issues, to problems whilst ordering, or inquiries about Rituals' products. And whilst many companies see their customer service department as a mandatory matter of expense, Rituals and VANEIGENS saw the opportunity of an additional revenue stream through e-commerce.

From cost-item
to revenue stream

The joint team of VANEIGENS and Rituals worked together to create a true conversational commerce solution built into their Salesforce environment. By connecting Service Cloud to the e-commerce store, service agents van now directly advise customers throughout all channels and add products to the client's basket.


The addition of the Conversational Commerce solution has proved to be very successful.

Not only has it generated an increase in the number of transactions, but it also added another element with which customer service agents can help customers, increasing overall customer satisfaction.
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