And share our expertise and knowledge


And share our expertise and knowledge

We are VANEIGENS, a pure Salesforce ecosystem partner. We do consulting, implementations, and maintenance, and we create our own software. A Salesforce pure player that helps you put your digital strategy into action, enabled by the Salesforce ecosystem. Our aim? We go the extra mile, get stuff done, and are the ones you can count on. Almost forgot the most important thing: we have fun while we’re at it! 

Call us or email us. We are happy to help you tackle your CRM, Salesforce and other cloud-related challenges.

Service information

Field Service Lightning

Download the proposition document about how we can solve your field service challenges within the Salesforce ecosystem with Field Service Lighting.

Cloud Telephony Integration

Download our proposition document about Cloud Telephony Integration to see how we are able to support you with your contact center challenges.

AskAmy Digital Messaging

Read all about AskAmy, our native Salesforce solution for digital messaging. We share the challenges it solves, its use cases, and what features and integrations…



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