Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Maximize employee satisfaction and productivity.


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Employee Experience by Salesforce is a digital ecosystem of applications that allow businesses to structure information in a way that is easily accessible to their employees. Companies can the various applications offered to align HQ and stores, implement wellness assessments for employees, create self-service centres for IT and frequently asked questions, as well as make data-driven decisions about operations processes.

Build trust amongst your employees

The Workplace Command Center application offers a dashboard in which managers track potential health and workload risks and create reports about employee wellness, location and contacts.

Using Wellness Check to send out surveys to your employees to identify needs and understand possible problems on the work floor.

Use the tools in the interface to quickly act on newly found problems by making changes in Shift Management.

Use Broadcast Messaging to send emails or text messages to up to 2000 employees at once.

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Employee Workspace is a central digital hub for your employees where they can find job-related resources. It also serves as a communication tool that can be accessed at home or at the office. Build a central knowledge base using Employee Concierge to give everyone inside your company easy access to job-related resources. You can also build an IT Service Center where employees can create tickets for IT service requests. Managers can also use it to monitor the help desk performance.

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