KPN Wholesale Case

KPN Wholesale

Optimising business at scale

Designing data flows throughout an Enterprise business.

The network of the Netherlands

KPN Wholesale, the branch which offers it’s network to competitor service provider and operators, uses Salesforce to service its large network of customers and support services.

The situation

As a network owner in a competitive market, performance issues and malfunctions of the system have to be dealt with quickly to be successful. KPN Wholesale works on national scale, and needs to be able to solve problems locally when they occur. Together we took on the challenge of designing a technological infrastructure to optimise communication and operational processes across the entire chain.

Designing the platform

KPN Wholesale decided to implement both Service Cloud and Sales Cloud simultaneously in an effort to reach the highest potential of synergistic effects within the Salesforce platform. This meant that all data and integrations had to be migrated from their previous CRM tool, Oracle. Next to that, Pardot would be integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem to increase the account management capabilities of the Sales team.

After an initial cleaning of existing customer data, we designed an integrated platform where all customer interaction is stored and accessible to the relevant users. This means that, for example, incident/case management history is also available to Sales representatives, as it can provide great insights going into negotiations.

In addition, changes and updates that happen on local incidents are also updated to the relevant accounts, so that unique and creative solutions are easily accessible for future problems.

Optimising business at scale

KPN Wholesale now uses Salesforce as the main communication tool for both its Sales and Service departments. All interaction through e-mail, phone, website, customer portal and phone is organised and accessible within the Salesforce platform. VANEIGENS and KPN now work on a sprint based schedule to further professionalise case management and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Pardot is used as a marketing tool by the Sales representatives of KPN to generate, qualify and nurture leads coming from different campaigns.

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