Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Grow your business by knowing your customers better than your competitors

Sales Cloud

Building connected journeys. That’s VANEIGENS. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a renowned sales application designed to help organizations optimize acquisition by centralizing customer information, logging all interactions, sharing information across teams and automating all kinds of tasks. It serves as a central information point for all customer and prospect information, making sales teams more productive. Sales Cloud is used to keep track of the entire sales funnel such as contracts, leads, accounts, opportunities, products, pricing, quotes and campaigns. The product is fully customizable and designed to support sales, marketing and customer support in both B2B and B2C contexts.

Build engaging, personalised journeys.

Sales Cloud offers access to a user-friendly 360-degree overview of all prospect interactions.

Set up your sales funnel and gather information about the deal-progress, including previous interactions done by other members of your sales team with Opportunity Management.

Receive and share actionable insight into all interactions.

Automate your quotation process conveniently from your dashboard.

Automate your quotations with CPQ

Using Salesforce CPQ, it is possible to automate your quotation process conveniently from your dashboard. By automating, you increase sales efficiency, reduce manual errors in quotes and improve the overall experience of people using Salescloud. In addition, it can help organisations to implement and manage complex pricing strategies, track changes in quotes and present the customer with a professional and consistent template.

Enhance productivity and synergy with other departments

Sales Cloud can be accessed anywhere, on any device, transforming your smartphone into a portable sales department. Track leads generated by the marketing department and make smarter decisions about your marketing budget. Use the advanced routing tool, where AI automatically assigns cases to agents best equipped to answer a question. Use the easy-to-use dashboard to get a real-time picture of your current pipeline at a glance. Integrate your preferred mail-package to connect with your customers based on data collected in CRM. 

Make the most out of the #1 CRM platform in the world.

Sales Cloud is built on the leading CRM platform Salesforce, offering the highest reliability and security. You will gain access to several updates throughout the year to further increase the platform’s value. Next to this, Salesforce offers endless integrations with existing third-party software that fully integrates into your IT-landscape. Access to the Salesforce AppExchange where you’ll find thousands of pre-built software apps that integrate with the platform.

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