Promoting Positive Impact

VANEIGENS makes organisations flourish through digital innovation.

VANEIGENS makes organisations flourish through digital innovations. We understand the key challenges that come with fast-paced growth and make our clients scalable. With growth comes the opportunity to do good in the world. We’re committed to making the lives of our clients better, whilst also growing the positive impact that we, together with others, can have on the world around us.

Academic Research

Heart 2 Handle 2022

VANEIGENS is the proud head sponsor of Heart 2 Handle 2022, a foundation founded by students to raise money and awareness for the prevention and treatment of heart and vascular diseases. Every year, a group of eight students in The Netherlands raise money for academic research by travelling to far-away destinations on their bicycles. In 2022, students from TU Delft took on this challenge for research preventing heart and vascular disease in women. In just 3,5 weeks, the group has travelled more than 2700 km to their destination in Dubrovnik, Croatia, raising more than 57.000 euros.

Due to a lack of research in the development and treatment of heart and vascular diseases among women, Dr Hester Den Ruijter founded a research study focusing specifically on these disease types among the female gender. At the UMC Utrecht, earlier research has shown that diagnosing heart and vascular issues happens at a lower rate for women than it does for men. In addition to that, the diseases can also develop differently across genders. For more information about Dr. Den Ruijters research and donations to the cause, please visit


A healthy work environment. That's VANEIGENS.​

At VANEIGENS, we strive for a healthy work environment, cherishing our employee’s mental well-being. That is why we are happy to share that we’ve recently partnered up with OpenUp.

OpenUp provides our employees with unlimited, confidential access to certified mental health professionals and other resources in 17 languages. We realise that working in a fast-paced environment with competitive brands requires a lot of energy and focus. We hope this helps our valued team maintain a positive mindset in life, thrive at working with our clients and reach the highest potential!