Digital Opportunities in Retail- Loyalty

Digital Innovation in Retail – Part 2: Loyalty

Measuring your ROI on loyalty and engagement programs is now possible! Although it still this seems to be complicated, it’s a wish for most retailers: being able to understand the effect of loyalty programs on financial results. By extending your … Read More

Collaborative marketing: the power of partnerships

Even before Covid-19, small groups of young people were sometimes strolling around at the checkouts at the supermarket. As a regular supermarket visitor, you immediately knew: it’s time for collectable football cards again. Despite the begging, it is of course … Read More

More loyal customers through the fusion of digital and offline channels

Lately, I have gained even more respect for the retail business. The level of flexibility required in the current situation is unprecedented. Luckily, most retailers already had an e-commerce platform and were able to make a quick shift. However, there … Read More

How to apply E-Commerce Loyalty Programs

Over the last decade, loyalty programs in physical stores have been overloading the market.  Every store wanted to have its own loyalty card, with its own benefits. Meanwhile, wallets every customers are stacked with these unique cards and people often … Read More

Artificial Intelligence as driving force behind ‘next level loyalty’

As a consumer, you are overloaded from all sides with different offers. The one even less suited for your situation than the other. For example, I recently received an offer full of carbohydrate-rich products, while I have been following a … Read More

Part 2: How to design a loyalty program that perfectly fits your customers’ needs.

In Part 1 of ‘how to design a perfectly fitting loyalty program’, we discussed the different needs from organizational perspective in relation to the business goals, KPI’s and long-term development. A common mistake made by businesses is that they only … Read More