The end of Salesforce Social Studio:
What’s your next move?

The tech industry thrives on change, but not all changes are welcomed with open arms. The announcement that Salesforce will be sunsetting its Social Studio product by the end of 2024 has shaken businesses across the Benelux region. If you’re a marketeer, customer service department, social media manager, or marketing manager who relies on Salesforce, this change will inevitably impact the way you engage with customers and prospects through social channels.

This blog will tell you the impact of Social Studio's retirement and why you should plan for making an informed decision for choosing replacement software.

Salesforce Social Studio has been a significant player in social listening and customer engagement. Its looming absence from the market compels us to reassess our technologies and strategies. With the clock ticking towards the end of 2024, the time to act is now. So, what’s your next move?
Why choosing the right replacement matters
Transitioning to a new platform is not just about finding a temporary substitute for Social Studio; it’s about making your customer engagement strategy future-proof. A poor choice could result in unnecessary costs, reduced efficiency, and lost opportunities. Conversely, the right selection can provide long-term value, enhancing both productivity and engagement metrics.
Why us?
You might wonder, why listen to us? As seasoned Salesforce specialists with a proven track record in the Customer Service and Marketing space, we understand the ecosystem, the market leaders and its intricacies. This expertise places us in a unique position to evaluate replacements for Social Studio, especially for current Salesforce customers.
Our comprehensive analysis of alternative software.
To help prepare businesses like yours, we have performed a comparative analysis on market leaders like Sprinklr, Coosto, and Sprout, for good reasons. These platforms have a proven track record and are consistently updated to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry, offering you a future-proof solution.
Our evaluation criteria
Our comparative analysis is based on several crucial variables:


We take both short and long term costs into consideration

Time to Market

We asses how quickly we can get you up and running


Does the platform allow customization to fit your specific needs?

Marketing Cloud Integration

For existing Salesforce users, seamless integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a crucial factor, because this allows direct activation to take place.

Major USP and Differentiators

What sets each platform apart? Our aim is to examine distinct characteristics that could provide you with an advantage over your competitors. We will identify and analyse these features to help you gain a competitive edge.

Local Data and Presence

Through legislation and accessibility, we understand the importance of local data centres and customer support, especially for businesses in the BENELUX region.

Platform vs End-Point

What is the full potential of the platform, and how does this match your requirements?

Change Required

We evaluate the operational & process changes your team(s) would need to make.

Though we’ve conducted this thorough analysis, we believe in tailored solutions. That’s why we’re not revealing the full results here. Your unique needs require personalized recommendations.
So what’s next?
This blog post is about the process, not the specifics. We aim to guide you through the different choices and technical language to arrive at a solution that best suits your needs.
In a fast-paced world, the right technology decisions can set you on the path to long-term success. If you’re impacted by the end-of-life of Salesforce Social Studio, don’t navigate this transition alone.
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