Testimonial Rituals

About Rituals
Creating meaningful memories and helping people to find a moment of peace in their busy lives. That is what Rituals stands for. Whether it is about taking a long bath or creating a comfortable atmosphere with exclusive scents and perfumes from Asia at home or in the office. The home and body cosmetics from Rituals allow you to enjoy the little things in live.

Rituals has over 625 stores, more than 1850 shop-in-shops and four urban spas in 27 countries all over the world. To optimally serve its customers, Rituals works with Salesforce. VANEIGENS helps Rituals to make full use of this system.


The question
How can we make full use of Salesforce within Rituals?

Margot Looman, Manager Social Commerce & PO Media: ‘’Rituals is in contact with its customers through several e-commerce channels. Our website and app, but also social media such as Messenger and WhatsApp are becoming increasingly important commercial sales channels. Besides that, we generate traffic to our e-commerce channels through social media, e-mails, and display, such as Youtoube videos. Salesforce is important in ensuring the contact with customers runs smoothly and the customers enjoy a perfect customer experience. We were already working with this tool  but we did not have a Salesforce expert in our own team. By taking a partner in this field, we could optimally utilise all the facets of Salesforce.’’


‘’One of our employees knew VANEIGENS and was very enthusiastic about the company’’, says Margot Looman, ‘’Hence, we reached out to them. The contact felt good right from the start and we decided to start a partnership.’’ Initially, Rituals approached VANEIGENS to design their customer service. Meanwhile, the collaboration has extended to a much broader partnership. A project in the field of social commerce followed, which enabled Rituals to also sent transactional messages through WhatsApp and  Messenger to its customers. Afterwards, VANEIGENS and Rituals tackled retail- and supply chain problems.


The solution
Margot Looman: ‘’VANEIGENS works for multiple departments in Rituals. We constantly work together on Salesforce solutions. The consultants of VANEIGENS feel like colleagues: working together towards the same goal.’’

Within Rituals, there were so many requests for Salesforce solutions from VANEIGENS, that the necessity arose to organise the processes better -agile- and to professionalize it. When there is a problem or opportunity to improve, Ritual’s employees can report this with tickets now. VANEIGENS takes these tickets, determines which has priority and starts working on these with constantly new improvements as a result.


The collaboration
‘’VANEIGENS is a very pleasant team to work with’’, thinks Margot Looman,  ‘’The employees don’t think in problems but in solutions. Moreover, VANEIGENS proposes solutions and challenges us. The collaboration is a real partnership that feels good, works pleasant and generates great results.’’


Margot Looman: ‘’Rituals and VANEIGENS completed several projects together, with great results! There is a reason why more projects keep following.’’


‘’An eight. The specialists of VANEIGENS do exactly what they are supposed to and on top of that it is lovely to work with them.’’


Testimonial Omoda

‘’I don’t give a 10, because that would mean there is no room for improvement, but I certainly give them a big fat 9, because that is what they deserve.’’

Annemiek Janse
Manager Customer Service Omoda

North Africa Dreamin’

The North Africa Dreamin team is made up of volunteers from the Moroccan Trailblazers community whose common vision could be summed up in one word: sharing


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